Join the Fight to Keep the UAW out of Mercedes!

Keep the UAW Out of Mercedes

Join our fight. Share why you’re voting no on the UAW. 

Here’s what MBUSI workers really think about the UAW. 

“The UAW can’t protect my job. The only person that can protect my job is me.”

Tommy Bishop

I have good pay, good benefits. I like being able to have open door communication with management and I don’t wanna lose any of that.”

Melissa Howell

“The company is doing better for us… we don’t need an outside voice.”

Jared Jones

“There is no need for someone else to speak for you. Speak for yourself… consider your future. Consider your security.”

Jay White

About the MBUSI Workers Information Committee

This group was formed to educate employees about the radical and self-serving agenda of the UAW. Help us spread the word that the Union is not needed at Mercedes!

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UAW betrays its own workers!

April 24, 2024

Listen to this lady tell her story about how Shawn Fain and the UAW lied to her and now she is out of a job!

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Save Our Jobs! Vote No.

April 24, 2024

Get the facts on the UAW.

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UAW officials live large on workers hard earned dues money!

April 4, 2024

Shawn Fain, Rich Boyer, the UAW’s local Stellantis officers decamped from a cold Michigan March to the Sheraton Resort and Casino in sunny Puerto Rico for a week by the beach.

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