How Much More Do the Pro-UAW Employees Expect?

March 12, 2024

How much more do the pro-UAW employees think a union is going to be able to squeeze out of Mercedes? They have already agreed to eliminate the two-tier wage structure and announced raises across the board. (The two-tier wage structure was created by GM and the UAW by the way.)

A Production Worker at Mercedes now starts at $23.50 per hour/$48,880 annually and has a maximum production hourly rate as a Team Lead at $34 per hour/$70,720 annually (Before any overtime or Bonus) Team share averages between 6-7k per year) for a total wage for production employees of between 56k to start and a max of right at 78k. (Without overtime.)

According to the Alabama Department of Labor, a production assembler or fabricator’s mean wages in this area are between $18.25-$31.35 hourly/$37,969-$65,208 annually.

For another point of reference, a Tuscaloosa City Police Officer or Firefighter with 5 years of experience (step 5) makes $ 56,645. (Before overtime) A Tuscaloosa City School Teacher with a bachelor’s degree, teaching certificate and 20 years of experience makes $ 60,415.

When you already are at the top of the wage scale for the area, how much more do you think a Union will be able to add to the wages at Mercedes? There is only so much juice in a lemon to be squeezed.

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