MBUSI does not need a union!

February 23, 2024


We listened carefully to what Michael had to say. We hope our fellow team members did too. We’re glad MBUSI is finally speaking out and setting the record straight about the UAW. We support Michael and we are proud that MBUSI is union-free.

We have a good relationship with the Management here at Mercedes. Nothing is perfect, but they are always willing to listen to our concerns and input when making decisions. The Union is only going to make that relationship worse.  

We do not want the UAW here. We know a union is the last thing we need. We’ve had 25+ years of success at MBUSI, without a union, and we have a good future as long as we keep the UAW out.

We are glad we work in a union-free company. Nobody here pays union dues. Nobody worries about being sent out on strike by the UAW. Our plant isn’t at risk of being closed because Ford, GM, or Stellantis cut a secret deal with the UAW to protect some jobs while sacrificing other jobs. We aren’t at the mercy of UAW shop stewards and officials who cut back room deals, look out for their friends and their own interests. Nobody is planning to send our jobs to Mexico, like they are doing at the Detroit Big 3 now!

The last thing we need at MBUSI is to turn this company into another failing union shop like the dozens we’ve seen shut down in Detroit and even places like Atlanta. The UAW had a big role in the loss of over a million auto jobs in this country. It is the symbol of failure in American manufacturing. Now their out-of-state union bosses have the nerve to show up at MBUSI and think we are foolish enough to not see through their smokescreen and buy the nonsense they are selling us. The union bosses are wrong if they think we can’t figure out they have nothing good to offer us. We don’t need anything they are selling.

Michael said it- we are doing well, making great money, growing, investing, and working together. We’ve succeeded here while so many UAW plants have failed. We believe Michael’s promise that he will do even more to listen to us and keep making things better. We trust what he can do for us because he has delivered. We don’t trust UAW bosses who are hiding behind pro-union team members and making false promises they know they can’t keep.

We encourage you to join our committee. We are independent of MBUSI and don’t have to answer to anyone. We can tell the truth without any union boss looking over our shoulders.

Email us at mbusiworkersinfo@gmail for more information.


If you have already signed a card you can sign the petition here to revoke your card: