The UAW is great at creating jobs….in Mexico!

March 21, 2024

General Motors is the largest auto manufacturer in Mexico. At last count they have over 23,000 employees! Their plant workers make approximately $ 27.00 dollars per day. Ford employ’s 8,800 and Stellantis another 15,500. Thats a total of 47,300 jobs that the “Big 3” created in Mexico to produce vehicles sold in the U.S. Oh, in just in case you were wondering, Mercedes produced 447,300 cars and vans in Mexico last year. (Which is a record for Mercedes in Mexico.) 

So, every time you see a new Ford Bronco, Ford Maverick, or GM Silverado/Sierra, just to name a few, you can be certain it was not made with UAW labor. If the UAW is so great for the workers and their communities in the rustbelt, why aren’t those jobs in the United States? 

People need to wake up and look behind the UAW talking points. What they are selling is only going to benefit the UAW and its leadership and in the long term drive more manufacturing jobs south of the border.