The UAW’s Hidden Communist Agenda

March 13, 2024

(This image is straight from the Communist Party Website)

I noticed while listening to Shawn Fain’s talking points when that he uses the same class warfare tactics that the socialists and communist use to divide the working class from the so called “millionaire” or “billionaire” class. I dug further into the history of labor unions in this country and was surprised to learn how closely the movement and specifically the UAW is linked to the communist party. 

Labor unions came to power in this country in part due to the support and funding of the Communist Party and foreign communist agitators as far back as 1919. They don’t hide from this. In fact, they brag about it. To this day the Communist Party brags that it “Played a major role in the growth and struggles of the country’s labor movement”. Fortunately, their efforts have largely failed. However, their claims of “unity” and “support for the working class” is still attractive to some who think they are the “oppressed” by the Capitalist system. Of course, the simple fact that the Communist ideology has brought outright death and economic destruction everyplace it has been attempted seems to be lost on some. 

The fact that Capitalism has created the greatest era of wealth and prosperity throughout the world seems to also be lost on many. However, the president of the UAW quotes Malcom X, and other Communist rhetoric, employees need to be fully aware of who and what they are supporting. The fact is this UAW leadership is the most radical and most left wing in recent memory. My guess is that these leaders and their hidden ideology is also far outside of the beliefs of the rank-and-file employees of Mercedes. 

There is a certain give and take between management and hourly employees that is to be expected in any manufacturing facility. However, to rail against the capitalist system to the working class that has seen the greatest increase in their standard of living over the last 30 years is ridiculous. (Middle class wealth has increased 82% since 1990.) The U.S. poverty rate hit an all-time low in 2019 just before the pandemic.  This was the lowest poverty rate since the government started collecting this data in 1959! Even with the current inflationary pressure, poverty rates are still at historically low rates. 

Of course, post pandemic inflation caused by massive government spending has everyone feeling squeezed. So, the call for more “wealth distribution” certainly sounds promising to those squeezed the most. However, the reality that socialism and communism destroy economies and every nation that practices it cannot be overstated. The result would be poverty of a scale not seen in this country since the great depression.

Mercedes came here in 1993 with the promise of adding 1500 jobs. Local leaders and the general public were thrilled at the prospect of those jobs and the coming economic boom. Those 1500 jobs have grown too close to 5,000 direct jobs and over 10,000 indirect jobs as a result of Mercedes locating here and its expansion. When Mercedes announced those 1500 jobs, 62,000 people applied for them! The notion that Mercedes has been ‘unfair” to its employees when it pays more, and provides more benefits in bonuses, insurance and other perks than any other manufacturer in the region is simply not true. 

So, when you hear Fain blathering on about the “billionaire” class, or the workers not getting their “fair share”, or quoting Malcolm X, all he is doing is repeating the talking points of the Communist Party and pushing their hidden agenda which is the complete destruction of capitalism and the American way of life. Surely, the employees of Mercedes are smart enough not to fall for it.