Why is the UAW attempting to organize now?

February 23, 2024

You might be wondering why after years of little to no activity is the UAW attempting to unionize all these plants? The simple fact is that they are desperate. The UAW’s decades of corruption saw at least 16 of their leaders and officers of the big three auto manufacturers go to prison. The corruption was so bad and ran so deep that the UAW is still under Federal control. On top of that, their membership is at an all-time low. They helped destroy the auto industry in the Midwest, and after all those manufacturers took their jobs overseas and elsewhere they have nowhere to turn but to the states that have historically seen through the empty promises of the UAW and rejected union membership. 

Unfortunately, their promises sound good to some employees who are dealing with the real impact of inflation created by the folks in Washington. Workers are getting lured into their web by the promises of more pay, less work, and control of the workplace by the UAW. However, that is simply not true. The UAW can not do anything for the employees that Mercedes management is not already doing. Mercedes is well known in the industry for its “team” approach, and open-door management style. Nothing is perfect and there will always be a certain amount of give and take between management and workers. However, the notion that Mercedes has not been fair is simply not true. Mercedes is one of the highest-paying production facilities in the area. Mercedes spends millions training and improving the workplace and has invested billions in trying to make the Vance facilities the most state-of-the-art production facility in the world. Together Mercedes and its employees have built something to be proud of. The last thing we need is for the UAW to slowly dismantle the Vance plant like it has every place else it operates and send our jobs to Mexico or elsewhere. 

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